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Festival of Trees - Gingerbread Houses

Stephanie and her family has been participating in the Festival of Trees since 2007. Her extended family has been involved since the 90's. For 42 years, the Festival of Trees has ben a "Gift of Love" to needy children. The Festival collects money by auctioning decorated trees, gingerbread houses, wreaths, and more. Over $30 million has been raised for children at Primary Children's Medical Center through the Festival since 1971, with $1,655,000 raised last year (2011). It was the most successful year yet! 100% of the money raised goes to charity care. Click HERE for more details on The Festival of Trees Homepage. These are some of the awesome creations we donated to benefit the children.

2008: Our first creation, an airplane hanger complete with an old bi-plane, lights inside the hanger, and Santa on top.
2009: To honor our parents, we built a scale model of their "getaway," Dome-Sweet-Dome! There is a smaller, actual picture of the cabin placed next to the gingerbread version.
2010: To appeal more to the masses we tried to re-create the famous lighthouse off the coast of North Carolia's Cape Hatteras and then fictionalize a small home next to it.
2011: Our favorite so far, from the Harry Potter series, the Weasley's "Burrow."
2012: We chose to do the Onceler's house from the movie "The Lorax." It was a popular movie this year and relates to families, especially kids. Our tallest one yet, not on purpose though, coming in at 39" tall. We modeled it after the life-size version you can find at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. We just got back from vacationing there in mid November and got to see it with Christmas decorations and all."
2013: This year we decided to design what we thought was a 'classic beauty' form of gingerbread house. We called it Gingerbread Manor."